• 2012 *** Image of the Week 29/07/2012-Winner** Rob Drummond**

    Rob Drummond is the landslide winner this week receiving 10 votes for his superb image of a Leaden Flycatcher (Myiagra rubecula).

    Flawless image.
    The bg is great, good colour, the faded out Casuarina leaves and the sharp, clear and detailed shot. Excellent.
    Instantly a winner for me....love the green sheen, perfect light...just perfect
    stunning image
    The sheen and interest of the bird is striking and there is sufficient habitat so it doesn't look like your typical bird in a cage shot
    Great shot of a difficult species. Beautiful background.
    Just a sensational shot all round
    Overall look and quality of the image. A beautifully shown bird.
    The colour, pose and composition are perfect.
    Beautiful all-round. Lovely lighting.
    Other nominated images were;

    Red-capped Plover ~ Duade Paton (2 votes)
    White-faced Heron ~ Dave Stowe
    Baby Australian Owlet-nightjar ~ Richard Jackson
    Little Pied Cormorant ~ Duade Paton
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    1. Owen Lishmund's Avatar
      Owen Lishmund -
      Congrats Rob, amazing image
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      It's a beauty! Think you might have posted to the wrong category tho Geoff
    1. Peter Marden's Avatar
      Peter Marden -
      Well worth the win, stunning image.
      Well done.

    1. Mary CW's Avatar
      Mary CW -
      What a fantastic shot of a beautiful little bird. I will google to see where they are native too.
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Fantastic image Rob, a well-deserved win!

      Changed the category, well spotted and thanks Adam.