• 2012 *** Image of the Week 15/07/2012-Winner** Greg Oakley**

    In a week with very close voting Greg Oakley's lovely image of a Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo (Chalcites Basalis) is the winner. Well Done Greg.

    Just Amazing!
    Simply superb
    Superb image in every way!
    Other nominations were;

    Spotted Pardalote (female) ~ Richard Hall (2 votes)
    Jacky Winter ~ Duade Paton (2 votes)
    White-winged Chough ~ Steve Paul
    Parrot Battle ~ Dave Stowe
    Spotted Pardalote ~ Richard Hall
    Galah ~ Geoff Longford
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    1. Owen Lishmund's Avatar
      Owen Lishmund -
      This is a killer image Greg and a worthy winner
    1. Rising Seep's Avatar
      Rising Seep -
      wow, hard to imagine any better a shot than this one of these, congrats Greg!
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Congrats Greg! An AWESOME image and a most worthy winner.
    1. Greg Oakley's Avatar
      Greg Oakley -
      Thanks very much everyone - I am very surprised and humbled to have won an IOTW.
      This site is a fabulous resource for those like myself to learn from the 'best in the business'. It is unparalleled with its support, advice and inspiration to passionate bird photographers. And many thanks to the moderators here, who provide much of their free time in helping others to improve!
    1. Peter Marden's Avatar
      Peter Marden -
      a beautiful capture of this species, well worth the win.

    1. Carole M.'s Avatar
      Carole M. -
      an amazing photogaph; big congratulations Greg
    1. Mary CW's Avatar
      Mary CW -
      Clarity is wonderful. As a new member I aspire to be able to capture such a lovely shot.