• "MEET A MEMBER" #9 Graeme "Coxy" Cox

    Graeme or "Coxy" as he likes to be known is yet another of Feathers & Photos mega enthusiastic bird photographers. When Coxy isn't birding around NSW he will most likely be found in the Pilbera blowing things up. Blasting can be hard work so what better way to offset that destruction than to spend time with nature. Even when at work Coxy spends his down time photographing the local inhabitants.

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?
    When at home in Wollongong, what location can I go to today to get a few images. When at work in the Pilbara the same thing, what part of the site will give me the best light and birdlife.

    What attracted you to avian photography?
    I kept birds while living out west of Parkes NSW for a few years & my mate Xavier pushed me along a bit, he actually forced me to purchase that 500mm lens last year before we went to the Top End, (thatís what I told my wife anyway) but I have always had an interest in Birding and wildlife in general.

    What was the very first bird you photographed? Did you know what species it was at that time?
    Black Swan sitting on a nest at Coomaditchy Lagoon in Port Kembla about 30+ years ago with a Zenith camera.

    What is it about avian photography that keeps you coming back for more?
    Itís that excitement of the hunt and striving to get that image thatís is a keeper.

    Which nature photographers are you most inspired by? Why are they such an inspiration?
    Arthur Morris, he produces some of the greatest images I have ever seen, if only I could have a fraction of the knowledge this guy has on Avian photography, I would not be in the mining industry.

    If you could choose any one person to join you on a shoot, who would that someone be?
    WOW thatís a tough one; I really enjoy the company of other birding photographers, as I can learn so much from other members of the forum.

    What was the first camera & lens combo you used for avian photography?
    A Canon, 300D and a 70 to 300mm when living in Townsville NQ some time ago.

    What is your current kit? Why did you upgrade?
    Canon 7D. 100-400mm IS f 5.6. + 500mm IS f4 + 1.4 II extender . Wimberley Head Version II, and Manfrotto 055CX3 C F Tripod. Pop up hide and Camo, Camo, Camo.
    I upgraded the old 300D and lens as it was just not able to produce what I was looking for, and technology had really moved ahead in leaps and bounds.

    Do you prefer to shoot in the morning or afternoon? Why do you prefer this part of the day.
    I love the early mornings I am an early bird, the light is just something special at this time of the day, also there is generally less disturbance from members of the public. I think my best images have been taken at this time of the day. Not a big fan of afternoon shooting, looking for a nap by then.

    When the light turns bad do you end the session?
    No I will look around waiting and checking out spots that could be ok for another day. Camera in hand just in case..

    Have you any interests besides birds when it comes to photography?
    No its birds or nothing, Landscape has crossed my mind at times as I travel a lot with work is remote locations and see some amazing landscapes across this big brown land.

    Is the traveling that you do for your work a benefit to your pursuit for beautiful bird photographs? If so, how does it help you?
    Yes thatís for sure, the first thing I do when I know I will be traveling is check out what birding sites, swamps etc., are around the area to visit. The work related travel allows me to visit places that I would not have been able to visit otherwise and see so many different species of birds.

    Do you have a dream location where you would love to spend a week (or longer) photographing the native animals?
    Back to the Top End this year thatís for sure itís a great location with unlimited photographic opportunities and itís warmÖ I hate the cold!

    Do you have a favorite location? If so where is it?
    Locally I love the Barren Grounds NP just 30 minutes from home, as it has such a great range of birds, I am up at that location at least four times a month. Interstate the Top End and the Pilbara both amazing places.

    How often do you get out to photograph birds?
    At least a few times a week, more if I get my way and the weather is ok.

    What are you trying to portray in your work?
    The beauty of our native birds in a natural environment, and something that is unique.

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