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    Pictorella or Grant as he may also be known is an extremely dedicated birder from New South Wales. Grant is known to not let highway speed limits get in the way of a new tick and will travel the countryside in the chase for that elusive addition to the bird count. Birdwatching makes up a huge part of Grant's life and when he's not birding he twitching!!

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

    Another depressing day at work.....how I wish I was birding interstate.

    How long have you been birding?
    Around 20 years. I've been a member of the Hunter Bird Observers Club for 17 years.

    Do you remember what it was that got you into birding?
    My grandfather breeds canaries so he really started my love of birds. Whenever I visited Nan and Pop during the school holidays, Pop would take me bushwalking and point out all the common birds he knew like Currawong, Crimson Rosella etc. It wasn't long before I was pointing out Spotted Quail-thrush and Spotted Pardalote to him. We still enjoy long chats about birds.

    If you had to choose to take only your binos or camera with you on an outing, which would you choose?
    Binoculars for sure. I'm certainly more birder then photographer. In saying that the camera has widened my birding horizons and has bought me much joy over recent years.

    How often do you have time to get out into the field?
    I try to get out once or twice a week. These outings are usual half day affairs within a hour of home. Once or twice a month I'll go further a field, and I usually go interstate twice a year. I'm so lucky to live in the Hunter Valley where there is such a wide variety of habitats and species so close to home.

    Do you have a favourite location that you keep going back to?
    I really enjoy walking around my local park in Morpeth. I usually see 35-50 species and over the many visits have recorded 110+ species, which isn't bad for a suburban/rural park. Outside of the Hunter I love to visit the Liverpool Plains, Lake Cargelligo and although I haven't been there for a few years, Bowra Station remains close to my heart.

    Do you have a dream destination where you would love to twitch?
    I'm dying to visit Cape York Peninsula and the South Australian channel country. Overseas locations include Peru and most of Africa.

    Have you a preference for birding in the morning or afternoon? If so why do you prefer this time of day?
    I'm not a morning person so I'd have to say afternoon. However, there is nothing better then listening to the dawn chorus on a still, clear Spring morning.

    Are you superstitious when it comes to birding?
    Not at all. You make your own luck in birding, the more you're out there the more you'll see. Experience and research are the keys to good birding.

    If you could go on a twitch with any one person, who would that someone be?
    Thatís impossible to say!! If I'm wanting some hardcore, list building birding I'll head out with my mate Nick. If I want some more sedate, take your camera birding I'll go with Stowie or my partner Robbie. I've been birding with quite a few members from F&P and I've enjoyed their company greatly.

    Have you a favourite bird? If so what makes this bird so special?
    Every bird is my favourite. They're all special and deserving of our respect and protection.

    What is it about birds in general that keeps you going back for more?
    For me itís the hunt. Birds are unpredictable which makes them challenging and rewarding.

    Have you thought what you will do when after you tick every Australian bird?
    Go back and do it all again.
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