• "Meet A Member" #4 TrevorM

    TrevorM has an affinity with the sea and for someone who so spiritually close to the ocean, what better place to live than by the seaside and Trevor calls Port Stephens home. Naturally there are birds that also reside by the seaside and that's what brings Trevor to Feathers & Photos.

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

    Whoís turn is it to make the coffee?

    What attracted you to avian photography?
    Appealing subjects and technical difficulty.

    What was the first bird you photographed? Did you know the species?
    I can't remember? Since resuming photography in the digital age possibly a Tawny Frogmouth...and that is one I can identify

    What is it about avian photography that keeps you coming back for more?
    The challenge, very hard to achieve consistently high quality let alone excellence.

    Which nature photographers are you most inspired by? Why are they such an inspiration?
    I'm probably not a follower or in awe of any particular photographer. When you look at the net or even our forum there are so many photographers producing beautiful images.

    If you could choose anyone to join you on a shoot, who would that someone be? A hard one, I have a friend in Sydney, Alan Rogers who is such a knowledgeable birder itís always a delight going for a walk with him. Again there is a whole lot of the day when I rarely photograph birds, which is at night, so Richard Jackson or Ńkos with their nocturnal skill base would be good to spend some time with.

    What was the first camera & lens combo you used for avian photography?
    Started chasing nature/ birds seriously with a Canon S3IS with a 1.5TC, a brilliant little camera

    What is your current kit? Why did you upgrade?
    Canon 40D, Canon300mmf4, Sigma180mmMacro, Canon24-105, Sigma10-20mm, Sigma 1.4TC, Manfrotto tripod with a couple of heads including a gimbal head I made recently. I upgraded to this over 3 years ago, the 40D is a great little camera with good performance for its price and age. The last time I owned an SLR Camera system it was a 2 1/4 square and took 120 roll film.

    Do you prefer to shoot in the morning or afternoon? Why do you prefer this part of the day.
    The morning is great, best soft warm light, often still and dews drops around on macro subjects. I'm often photographing birds in the afternoon though, or any time when a subject presents.

    When the light turns bad do you end the session?
    I donít stop for 'bad' light necessarily but for many birds there are just shutter speeds below which sharp detail can never be captured

    Have you any interests besides birds when it comes to photography?
    I've done a fair bit of macro photography, which I still do when conditions are ideal. I'm fortunate that the sun sets over water near my home so sunsets are chased when colourful, I also enjoy photographing things at night like lightning and fireworks.

    Do you have a dream location where you would love to spend a week(or longer) photographing the native animals?
    Not really, there are so many great exotic places to go but I really donít enjoy the process of commercial travel so I have no desire to go to any of them. I've travelled much of Australia, but we plan to do a lot more around NSW which God willing will have a birding focus to it.

    Do you have a favourite location? If so where is it?
    Where I live at Port Stephens has so many good locations within a walk or short drive from home. I really enjoy getting up into the bush around Gloucester and Dungog (The Barringtons) when I can. So many great places within an hours drive from here.

    How often do you get out to photograph birds?
    I'm a bit of an opportunistic photographer so if something is about I might go for a walk several times in one day. If a take a stack of photos one day or have other responsibilities I might put the camera alone for a day or two.

    What are you trying to portray in your work?
    With birds I enjoy showing fine feather detail, sometimes it might be a behaviour. It probably depends on the subject and the situation what you try for at that time.

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