• Image Posting Rules - Please read before posting! *UPDATED 12/10/2011*

    There are a few simple rules you will need to follow when posting images in the forums here at Feathers and Photos:

    Any photograph a member presents on Feathers and Photos, whether by uploading to the site or 'linking in' from elsewhere must be copyright owned by the member. Breaching copyright is a serious matter with legal implications and could result in an immediate and permanent ban from Feathers and Photos. Links directing members to other sites, where third-party owned item(s) are displayed, is allowed.

    Editing of images posted by other members on the Feathers and Photos website is only acceptable after first obtaining direct permission from the owner of the original image or if the member has set: Reposts: Yes, with details in their user profile.

    All registered members of Feathers and Photos are able to post images in the appropriate forums. When doing so please be sure to follow these simple rules:

    a) Maximum image sizes:

    * All images should be no bigger than 1024 pixels on the longest edge.
    * All images should be no larger than 300kB.

    b) Maximum number of threads posted per day in the image (Photography) forums:

    * Only two (2) new threads may be posted per person per day across all of the image (Photography) forums, with only one (1) thread per person per day allowed in the Australian Bird Images forum.

    c) Maximum number of images per thread:

    * In the image (Photography) forums all members are restricted to posting one (1) photo only in a thread. The later posting of re-edits or other supporting images is acceptable.
    * In all other sections of the Feathers and Photos forums you are restricted to posting five (5) images in each post.

    d) Required Information

    * To make the Feathers and Photos as valuable and educational as possible we require the following information with each post in the image gallery forums. This will help the site to become a great catalogue of Australian Birds. The technical details will help people understand how an image has been created and again have much greater benefit as an educational tool.

    1. Common Name
    e.g. Sacred Kingfisher

    2. Scientific Name
    e.g. Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus)
    These names should be as per Christides & Boles 2008.

    3. Date
    Date is often interesting so that people can see what plumage stage/moult a species is in at a given time of year (shorebirds are a great example).

    4. Location
    We are not after GPS co-ordinates here (in fact we would refrain in the case of nest sites, especially of rarer species), we do request however that posting at least the general location and state where the bird was photographed be provided, for example: Gluepot Reserve, South Australia

    The addition of location helps add greater scientific value to the site, such as identifying what subspecies has been photographed or alerting members to a bird found out of normal range.

    5. Camera details
    e.g. what camera & lens you have used plus other details such as tripod, hide etc; as well as EXIF data like Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO.

    6. Post Production
    Please include any details of your workflow such as cropping, cloning, noise reduction - especially retouching.

    e) Posting of captive images

    * If you are posting images of captive birds please be sure to use the word *CAPTIVE* in your topic title. E.g. Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus) *CAPTIVE*