• HOW TO: Create a thread and post images

    This tutorial will cover creating a new thread and how to post your images on Feathers and Photos.

    [top]Create a new thread

    Click the Forum menu located at the top of the page to display all the forums available. To create a new thread navigate into the forum in which you wish to start the thread.

    Once you're in the forum you wish to start a new thread, simply click the Post New Thread button at the top left, above the existing threads.

    You will then be taken to the thread editor where you can enter all the necessary information to create your thread.

    • 1. Title: Enter a title for your thread here.
    • 2. Attachments: this is used to upload your images directly to the forum.
    • 3. Message editor: here is where you enter the body of text you want in your thread.
    • 4. Tags: whilst not mandatory, these are of help with search results and to organise content on the forum. Enter relevant keywords and separate them with a comma, such as names and locations: Australian Hobby,Falco longipennis,South Australia,Monarto
    • 5. Submit New Thread / Preview Post: Once you've completed entering all the information you can post your thread by using the Submit New Thread button or you can view a preview of what your thread will look like before submitting it by using the Preview Post button. Using Preview Post is a good way to proofread your thread before submitting it to the forum.

    [top]File restrictions

    Please keep in mind Feathers and Photos has restrictions on both KB and pixel dimensions on all images uploaded to the forum.
    • All images should be no bigger than 1024 pixels on the longest edge
    • All images should be no larger than 300kB

    There are also restrictions on the number of images that can be posted in the various sections of the forum and we do require you post particular information such as camera settings when posting photos to any of the image forums. A full list of all the image posting rules can be found HERE.

    [top]Uploading and attaching photos

    By uploading a photo to the forum as an attachment, the photo is stored on the Feathers and Photos server and can be inserted into any of your threads using the attachment (or asset) manager.

    To attach an image to your thread, first create a new thread and then click the attachment button (paperclip) in the editor's toolbar.

    A new window will popup, this is the attachment manager and is what you use to upload your images to the forum and to insert them into your thread. To upload an image to the forum, click the Add Files button in the attachment manager.

    Click the Select Files button and then find the images on your computer you wish to upload.

    Now that you've chosen your images from your computer, click the Upload Files button to upload them to the forum.

    Once uploaded, your images will appear at the bottom of the attachment manger.

    If you click Done, your photos will be attached to the end of your thread.
    However, if you click Insert Inline, your images will appear as thumbnails (only whilst editing, they will be full size once you submit your thread) in your thread and these can be dragged around and placed wherever you like within your thread. You can place your image between text, for example.

    To finish, click Submit New Thread to post your thread to the forum.

    [top]Link to your photos on other websites

    When linking to externally hosted photos we ask that you also adhere to the file size restrictions just as you do when directly uploading images to the forum. This helps keep member's bandwidth usage down and helps ensure images are more easily viewed in a web browser.

    To link to a photo hosted on another website you need a valid link directly to the photo, these links must end with .JPG. You can often right click on a photo and choose image properties to obtain this link. Many photo hosting sites such as Smugmug, Flickr and Photobucket for example, also provide a way of obtaining links to your photo and are often called up by a button called 'share' or similar.

    A valid image link will be similar to this: http://www.richardhallphotography.com/Nature/Birds/Eagles/i-QpCjPVP/0/X3/2011-09-25IMG5385Australian-X3.jpg

    Create a new thread and click the image link button in the editor toolbar.

    A new window will popup. Choose the From URL tab and paste in your valid image link to your photo in the URL box. Leave the Retrieve remote file and reference locally box UNTICKED. Click OK to insert your image into your thread.

    Once you've clicked OK, your image will appear in your thread. You can also drag this image around your thread and place it in your text where you wish.