• "MEET A MEMBER" #3 David Taylor

    David Taylor is a longtime member of the forum. David is both birder and photographer and passionate in both regards. I've had the pleasure of meeting David in the flesh. He is an easy going bloke and very easy to strike up a conversation with.

    What is the first thing you think of in the morning?

    That depends on the morning - however most mornings the first thing I do when I get up is go to the computer and check emails and the forum - so I guess youíd say birds are high on the agenda.

    What attracted you to birding?

    Iíve been interested in birds all my life - as a youngster I joined the Gould League of Birds in Victoria and had the field guide by Cayley "What Bird is That" very early on. What attracted me - well I think itís just always been inherently in me - a love of wild birds and also animals. Not sure why - unlike most males I couldnít give a fig about cars and Iím not greatly materialistic (except hankering for better camera and computer gear!)

    What is it about birds that fascinate you?

    They are such amazing creatures - their colours, their ability to fly, the huge variety of species... and I guess thereís something in the challenge they present - to see and to photograph - photographing a person or a car is fine but for me their is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to get close to a bird and photograph it.

    If you could choose anyone to join you on a shoot or a twitch, who would that someone be?

    Gosh thatís tough. I really enjoy other birders company though when it comes to photography I generally like to be on my own - just gives you the freedom to do as you like and for as long as you wish. Any birder on a twitch. Iíd like to catch up though with any of the forum members - either to learn from them or help budding photographers.

    What was the first camera & lens combo you used for avian photography?

    Well once I got over digiscoping and all the gizmos and disappointing results I bought a Canon 350D. For a while I just had a 300mm kit lens but my first big lens was the Sigma 50-500mm lens. Iíve been at it about 12 years now.

    What is your current kit?

    Canon EOS 40D and 100-400mm IS USM lens as well as some smaller Canon lens but they donít get much use. I have to say the current kit has served me well and whilst it may not be the best gear I think Iíve produced some nice stuff amongst the myriad of photographs that have ended in the trash!!

    Do you prefer to shoot in the morning or afternoon? Why do you prefer this part of the day?

    I think the morning though late afternoon light is often really nice - I definitely shoot more in the mornings purely from a timing perspective. The morning is feel good time I think - up early and away somewhere without too many folk around. Iíve shot just about all times of the day but no doubt the early morn and late arvo generally give a better result. I like the winter/autumn/spring months best when its not so hot - I donít go out as much in the Summer months though the birding can be good.

    Do you have a dream location where you would love to spend a week (or longer) chasing birds and other animals?

    A number! You know thereís so many spots Iíve yet to go. I have to say though I love the notion of kitting myself up (sometimes with a hide) at waterholes/billabongs and waiting for birds to come in to drink - its probably my favourite pastime and Iíve had some nice times. In terms of locations despite 55 years at it I have never done the remote inland - in June I hope to visit Sturt national park/Birdsville/Edge of Simpson Desert etc. Would also love to do the Kimberley and parts of the Northern Territory - I am a birder as well as a bird photographer - my current count is in the high 500's but Iím desperate to push into the 600s. Wouldnít say no to a week at Bowra again or a week in South Western Oz!

    Do you have a favourite location? If so where is it?

    Tough. Locally I love the Lockyer Valley, Gatton Uni, The Port of Brisbane/Wynnum area and Sherwood Forest Park. Best places Iíve been - gotta say Cape York, Wyperfield National Park in Victoria, Bowra Station and Durakai State Forest near Warwick. If I had to pick a favourite - Bowra.

    How often do you get out to bird?

    It varies. If Iím able and in the groove I might go out three times a week. Other times (as is the case at the moment) I might do very little in a month. But my main birding time is usually Sunday morning early and Thursdays, which I generally have of.

    When youíre not chasing birds how else do you spend your time? Do you have any other hobbies?

    Computer (Iím hooked) - mostly birds/bird sites/bird photo editing/my website! Other than that I love music (all genres) play guitar (though not much of recent years) love a movie, AFL football and sport in general. Work in real estate so keep up with that as well. Wish I didnít have to work and could travel photographing birds!!!

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