• 2012 *** Image of the Week 14/2/2012

    Wow, this years first week of images for nomination has been a real doozy!!! Heaps of images to choose from and a real fantastic crop in terms of quality.

    Well done to Chris Ross for his image of a Southern Emu-Wren. A superb shot and a worthy winner

    Heres what some of you had to say about it

    Top shelf of a difficult species.

    Beautiful capture - terrific alert pose, excellent detail. The two-tone background is really nice as well.

    Possibly the cleanest Male Emu Wren shot I have ever seen, amazing to capture in the open and the detail and perch are fantastic.

    Excellent light, pose and sharpness Chris

    Other nominated images were as follows :-

    Australian Darter - Jan Wegener

    Yellow-spotted Honeyeater - Rod Warnock

    "Boring Duck" (Pacific Black Duck)- Akos Lumnitzer

    Red-capped Plover - Shelley

    Nesting Cisticola - Chris M

    "Isle of Stint" (Red-necked Stints)- Paul Randall

    "Colourful Crown" (Purple-crowned Lorikeet) - Paul Randall
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    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      Absolutely amazing!
    1. Chris Martinez's Avatar
      Chris Martinez -
      Congratulations Chris!
      What a proud little fellow
    1. Rebecca Zanker's Avatar
      Rebecca Zanker -
      Congrats on a stunning image
    1. Owen Lishmund's Avatar
      Owen Lishmund -
      Amazing image, well done
    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Awesome Chris, a really stunning capture mate.
    1. Mark Young's Avatar
      Mark Young -
      Congrats, it's a wonderful image.