Thank you to all members who voted (we had close to 40 votes received) for IOTY, it was a mammoth task just to sort through all the worthy winners and choosing a top 3 was a real tough decision for many of you.

    It was clear from the start that there were two images that had really caught the attention of members and in the end it was a very close margin between them.

    I'm very happy to announce that the FEATHERS AND PHOTOS IMAGE OF THE YEAR IS.......

    Tobias Hayashi's image of a Buller's Albatross

    Well done Tobias, you've won a book pack that includes Chris Gomersall's "Photographing Wild Birds" (donated by me) and a copy of Moose Peterson's "Captured" (donated by member Glen Watson).

    In second place was Shelleys awesome Osprey flight image

    And in third place was Geoff Longfords beautiful Purple Swamphen shot

    And for anyone who's interested, here is the scores for images nominated:-
    Tobias Hayashi - Bullers Albatross - 30
    Shelley - Osprey in flight - 26
    Geoff Longford - Purple Swamphen - 18
    Gerard Satherley - White-winged Fairy Wren - 17
    Jan Wegener - Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters - 16
    Ian Colley - Fuscous Honeyeaters - 11
    Rob Drummond - Gibberbird - 10
    Eric Tan (Mountainman) - Varied Sittella - 8
    Jan Wegener - Yellow Rosella - 7
    Paul Randall - Crested Tern - 6
    Eric Tan (Mountainman) - Baillons Crake - 5
    Margaret Legoe - Mating Kestrels - 5
    Akos Lumnitzer - Kestrel hovering - 4
    David Stowe - Tawny Frogmouth - 4
    Ian Colley - Flame Robin - 4
    Rod Warnock - Squatter Pigeon - 4
    Rob Drummond - Regent Parrot - 3
    Mike Toms - Yellow tufted Honeyeater - 3
    Shelley - Great crested Grebes - 3
    Gerard Satherley - Spangled Drongo
    Anthony (Boyd Bowlyn) - Rainbow Bee-eater - 3
    Tobias Hayashi - Owlet Nightjar - 3
    Anthony (Boyd Bowlyn) - Superb Fairy Wren - 3
    Eric Tan (Mountainman) - Australian Shoveler - 2
    Geoff Gates - Tawny-crowned Honeyeater - 2
    Shelley - Red-tailed Black Cockatoo - 2
    Paul Randall - Little Lorikeets - 2
    Rob Drummond - Flock Bronzewing - 2
    Geoff Longford - Red-browed Finch -1
    Henry Cook (Nephurus) - Spotted Nightjar - 1
    Anna Billingham - Crimson Finch - 1
    Geoff Gates - Double banded Plover pair - 1

    Thank you to everyone involved and good luck to everyone for this years competition. Image of the week is up and running again so I look forward to viewing this weeks images
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    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      A hearty congratulations on the well-deserved win Tobias, it's a fantastic image!

      Well done to the runners-up too, it was so difficult to single out images from all the entries in IOTW we've had over the year!

      Thanks to all the members for their continued support of IOTW and the forum generally.
    1. Ashy Drongo's Avatar
      Ashy Drongo -
      Congrats Tobias, a really brilliant image, perfect in every way!!

      I'd echo Rich's comments to all the others who took out IOTW last year, your shots continue to inspire me to get out shooting, and improve
    1. Geoff Longford's Avatar
      Geoff Longford -
      Well done Tobias and Shelley.Great photography.As good as anything you would see anywhere.
    1. David Taylor's Avatar
      David Taylor -
      Yes well done to one two and three - awesome suff all three
    1. Shelley Pearson's Avatar
      Shelley Pearson -
      Congratulations Tobias, just a stunning image of this bird and a well deserved win by you.

      Geoff, what can I say, I so admire your work and this image is a winner.
    1. Eric Tan's Avatar
      Eric Tan -
      CONGRATS TO ALL. Wonderful images indeed, and well deserved the honours. Awesome
    1. Patrick Kavanagh's Avatar
      Patrick Kavanagh -
      Congratulations Tobias, Shelley and Geoff. Absolutely fantastic images. It was so hard to vote as there were so many wonderful photographs to choose from. Inspiring!
    1. Anthony Woodbine's Avatar
      Anthony Woodbine -
      Congratulations on some really awesome photography . So many great shots to choose from . Tobias , Shelley and Geoff well done .
      Regards Anthony .
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      Amazing collection of bird images produced in 2011, can't wait to see what 2012 brings!
    1. Owen Lishmund's Avatar
      Owen Lishmund -
      Very worthy winners, well done indeed. Gives me ever more reason to get out there and improve.
    1. Tobias Hayashi's Avatar
      Tobias Hayashi -
      Wow, thanks everyone! I am as surprised as I am honoured to win when I thought I had no chance. With all the great photographers on this site it is very special. Great work also to Shelley and Geoff, I am admirers of both your works (and others) and would have voted for both of your images before mine.
    1. Duade Paton's Avatar
      Duade Paton -
      Wow such impressive images congrats to all.
    1. Chris Martinez's Avatar
      Chris Martinez -
      Congratulations Tobias, Shelley and Geof.
    1. Margaret Leggoe's Avatar
      Margaret Leggoe -
      Congratulations Tobias, Shelley and Geoff. Three world-class images or better!
    1. Tim Sargent's Avatar
      Tim Sargent -
      Congratulations Tobias for such an awesome photo and also to Shelley and Geoff which are both very worthy winners!!

      Some amazing photography!
    1. Ian Colley's Avatar
      Ian Colley -
      Well done Tobias, unreal image. Congratulations to all.