• Image of the Week 3/10/2011

    Well done to Eric "Mountainman" for his Baillons Crake image Special mention also goes to Dave Stowe and his Musk Duck close up as well as Ray Walker for his Wren image. A super high standard of images this week so well done to all
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    1. Richard Hall's Avatar
      Richard Hall -
      Congratulations Eric, a lovely image!
    1. Kirri Hardy's Avatar
      Kirri Hardy -
      Thats an Awesome image...i took a photo of a Baillons Crake 3 weeks ago...twas a very secretive thing...your image blows mine out of the water
    1. Ray Walker's Avatar
      Ray Walker -
      Bloody hell Eric. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Much better than Meatloaf at the grand final..
    1. Adam Blyth's Avatar
      Adam Blyth -
      A worthy winner, I love the size of those feet!