• Exciting changes coming to Feathers and Photos!!!

    Firstly we want to say a big thanks to all our fellow members for making this site what it is. We really do have a friendly, helpful and talented bunch of birders and photographers here and we thank you all for your continued input.

    There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes – much of which might not be noticeable but hopefully all working towards making the site more useful and user-friendly. We’ve had some forum tweaks, new and faster hosting, the return of IOTW, etc etc.

    But we have an even bigger change coming very soon! Over the weekend of the 4th-5th June we will be migrating to new forum software! phpbb3, the current forum software will be going and replaced with the much more comprehensive vBulletin software. To some this may not mean anything but at the very least it will mean a new look to the site. A different feel, a splash of colour as well as cool features like image thumbnails!!

    It is a much more complicated program with a lot more features that will give us more options into the future. It will come at the expense of a lot of generosity in terms of time and money by some of the admins. The software is not free but there won’t be any cost to the members thanks to a large donation by an admin. The time taken testing, tweaking, backing-up, testing, tweaking, rebuilding is immense and many thanks go to Rich Hall. Without his tireless work and technical skills this simply wouldn’t happen.

    One really important thing that will happen is that everyone’s passwords will need to be reset. (Usernames will continue as will post counts) So please UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in your profile! You MUST ensure your email address in use on the current forum is up-to-date as it will be used when resetting your password. When the changeover happens you will need to visit a specific URL to have it reset and a temporary one sent to your email address.
    The link will come later but for now please UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS RIGHT NOW!

    We will also be keeping everyone informed on the update via Twitter. There will be some downtime unfortunately but these things can’t be helped.

    Thanks again everyone for supporting this forum. We really appreciate it and hope that you all enjoy the new look when it arrives! Happy birding and clicking!

    The Admins