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    White-faced Heron
    White-faced Heron
    by Leo Berzins
    Collaed Kingfisher
    Collaed Kingfisher
    by Matt Dunn
    p1080509 copyweb
    p1080509 copyweb
    by Louis B
    Pelican Portrait
    Pelican Portrait
    by Trevor Murray
    Purple Swamphen
    Purple Swamphen
    by Matthew Jones
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    Brian McCauley

    Golden-headed Cisticola

    Thread Starter: Brian McCauley

    Common Name: Golded-headed Cisticola
    Scientific Name: (Cisticola exilis)

    Date: 24/10/2014

    Location: Forster

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    Alan Nicol

    Sacred Kingfisher 2

    Thread Starter: Alan Nicol

    Common Name: Sacred Kingfisher
    Scientific Name:Todiramphus sanctus

    Date:Oct 29 2014

    Location: Wamboin NSW

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    Daniel Venema

    Greater Crested Tern

    Thread Starter: Daniel Venema

    Common Name: Greater Crested Tern
    Scientific Name: Thalasseus bergii cristatus

    Date: 30 October 2014


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    Electrical Storm

    Thread Starter: OutaFocus

    Had a great storm pass over the house a few days ago...this was probably the best keeper I managed to get. Spectacular to watch.


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    Robert Mcneil


    Thread Starter: Robert Mcneil

    Common Name:White-breasted Woodswallow
    Scientific Name(Artamus leucorynchus)



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    Mark Sanders

    White-browed Scrubwren

    Thread Starter: Mark Sanders

    Common Name: White-browed Scrubwren
    Scientific Name: Sericornis frontalis maculatus

    Date: Septermber 2012

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    Chris Martinez

    Reef Egret

    Thread Starter: Chris Martinez


    Common Name: Eastern Reef Egret
    Scientific Name: Egretta sacra

    Date: 30/10/14

    Location: Caloundra,

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    Owen Lishmund

    Banded Lapwing

    Thread Starter: Owen Lishmund

    Common Name: Banded Lapwing
    Scientific Name: Vanellus tricolor

    Date: 29/06/14

    Location: Hay Plains, NSW

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